BIRKENSTOCK is a revered universal consumer Zeitgeist brand rooted in function, quality and tradition dating back to 1774. A healthier lifestyle starts at the feet, key for human’s overall body health. Our purpose is to empower all people to walk as intended by nature. The heart of our democratic brand is the footbed, which forms the core of our own orthopedic methodology, the “System Birkenstock.” From this insight, BIRKENSTOCK has developed a broad, unisex portfolio of footbed-based products anchored by the iconic Core Silhouettes, the Madrid, Arizona, Boston, Gizeh and Mayari.

We synergistically combine heritage with innovation. The BIRKENSTOCK Group has its roots and heritage in Germany and delivers outstanding, unparalleled quality across the entire value chain. All production capabilities reflect centuries-old traditions of craftmanship and commitment to only using the highest quality materials. To ensure each product meets our rigorous quality standards, BIRKENSTOCK operates a vertically integrated manufacturing base, assembling over 95% of all products in Germany and producing the remainder elsewhere in the EU. BIRKENSTOCK maintains strict control over our entire supply chain, responsibility sourcing materials that originate mainly from Europe.

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